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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Please order your T-shirts now.

Sample T shirt
This is just a sample to give you an idea. The original T shirt will be diffrent and is with collars.

We are planning to order 200 T shirts (with the CMS college art work + logo in it - a real nostalgic treasure) for the party on 28th Dec. We would be glad if you tell us in advance the size and number of pieces  you want, so that we can order accordingly. (for eg: size XL - 1 pc,  size L - 2 pcs)


Murali said...

I would like to have one, size L.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kiran,

I would like to have one, size M or Size 40.

Keep up the good work. How do I pay or contribute.

I sure would like to attend but your timing doesnot match mine.

Regards & Thanks

Thomas Mammen Bcom (89-92)


KIRAN JOHN said...

Ok Murali.

KIRAN JOHN said...

Mammcha size M will be ok for you?

Will surely contact you for contribution.

Don't worry we are planning to have the party during June-July in 2010. So that all our friends from Middle East & north India can also attend the function.

sheaji said...

Kiran I would like to have two

are you ordering for Ladies too

if yes XXL ladies for me and a L Men for Ajith

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