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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Suggestions from Friends

Great to hear about this reunion!! No doubt mates, this is the most important factor in every youths remember and be a part of their past. Surely this is a huge task to accomplish and ideas above all are attendance to make this event a great success. On the contrary very much scary for many not to take part in this :-) hahahahaha, coz the past could hurt!!!! Then there’s only one medicine for that is "touch of a friend and trust in friendship" During college days this is what every one treasured the most and it will never die! I am sure all would agree to this and get your arse down there for this reunion. I meant to all….long to meet all my buddies and goodies then and now at this day!!! Anyways back to the topic... count me in for this all the way... Session 1 sounds good. Surely many would have loads to pour out to their professors for not listening and bunking classes just for the "Cholla" and advice their current status... Session 2....I am sure the college has never seen any DJ events in this 21st Century…..Lets bring in an awesome DJ group to pump up the couples with music and dance especially with songs of the 80's & 90' and relieve them from their stressed life!!!T shirt sounds good, if the funds are supportive then try give-away small mementos to each every college attendees to carry with them to their foreign country to remember this day. Alumni to be Honoured – mmmm..…Bin Laden… in case if you have found none then I am privileged to take that stand….:-) keep me posted!!!!
Great IDEA!!!!

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