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Monday, August 25, 2008

Hawa Hawa

How many of you must have danced to the rhythm of this song?
In our collegedays on all ocassions like Pre Degree Day, Degree Day, College Day, etc we had Ganamela as part of our functions. And this song was one of the thrilling numbers the Ganamela troup perfoms. I think I have heard this song in all the Ganamelas I heard in Campus. Now this is for all of you. Enjoy.


Bharathy said...

One of those songs of our times we used to get our feet tapped on :)..

Great to remind us, this almost forgotten number!..enjoyed listening to it again after ages!
Thanks, Kiran!

Jacob T said...

Nice to hear the song. It really brought back memories of our college days. Thanks to Kiran for the wonderful work.

jovi said...

yaar good job in digging up this video.

Appus said...

Thank you Kiran for publishing this video.

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