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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Prof John E Abraham's new Malayalam Novel

Dear friend,

Our Professor Dr. John E Abraham's latest Malayalam Novel " Akamiyam" has come out. It is a novel every alumni of CMS College must read. CMS College campus figures prominently in it.
" Above in the distant sky clouds change their colours according to the changing patterns of the setting sun. Big stadium, far beyond that lies the cemetery. In the distance one can see the tower of a church....

A soft wind is blowing. Casuarina trees are dancing in the wind. It's branches are swinging lovely....

They sat in the shade of the trees and around them lay wild fantastic patterns of light and shade made by the sun rays slitting down through the crowded shades... "

Do you recognize it?

The book (priced Rs. 110) is available at all the National Bookstall (NBS) shops all over Kerala.

Please send your feedbacks after reading the book.
With Love,

Aby Thomas

Student of Prof John Sir

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