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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Onam Wishes from Anand Varma

Dear All,
In the year 2002, the day before Onam, brother and I have decided to go to Manjeri to celeberate Onam with mother. Late afternoon we left for Salem on a Bus. Our driver was an escaped lunatic somehow talked his way into his job with the Tamil Nadu Gov. He sang lively tunes and carried on lively conversation with passangers addressing them directly.
Brother and I were sitting at the front, and the driver, taking a sudden liking to us, decided to amuse us with some visual jokes-- pretending to nod off for a few moments, then jerking back to conciousness just in time to avoid an oncoming truck or acting as if the breaks had failed as we hurtled down to more or less perpendicular incline to the sort of speed usually experienced only by astronauts, causing brother and me to try to sit on each other's lap.
It was such a perfect journey -- it was such an exhilatering combination of terror and excitment, like having an heart attack and enjoying it. We reached Salem and, to be on the safer side, decided to take a taxi for the rest of our jounrney.
We reached Manjeri, celeberated onam like prisoners reunited after long wars.
Happy Oname(belated) to everyone!!!


shiumon.v.p said...

guys pls change the colours u r using in this blog, it is very hard to read

But it is a nice blog


Bharathy said...

The Pink Background which makes the script not readable is due to the un downloaded page.
Once it gets through, its no more Pink, but White, and therefore, legible.

Matts said...

You're right Bharathy.

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