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Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson is no more.

During our college days Michael Jackson's songs were part of our campus life. The album BAD was released in 1987 when I was in Pre Degree 1st year. All my friends including me had a copy of the BAD album. (Then the only cassette shops in town were PAICO and Srambicals.) Those who didn't have the cassette borrowed it from their friends. I still remember Anand Varma singing "Man In The Mirror" during our Chemistry tuition class at Antony Sirs house. Many people who doesn't know much about Michael thought him to be a female seeing his photo in the cover of the cassette.

During that time my brother Deepak folded his Physics Record book with Michael Jackson's poster and wrote on the book MICHEL JACKSON. During the lab period the Physics teacher while correcting the record book shouted Michael and nobody responded. All were wondering why she ws shouting Michael. Finally she asked who is Michael . Then all said, Nobody is here by that name. Then whose book is this. It's Deepak's. She thought Deepak's name is Michael Jackson.
During the Grammy Awards Ceremony which was shown in Doordarshan at 10 pm (only highlights) Michael Jackson performing Man In The Mirror was shown. Many of you must be still remebering the same.
Due to the impact of BAD many of us started listening to his old albums too. Thriller whcih is the best selling album of all time has great songs like Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean. At that time there was no cable TV. So they only way is to hire a Video Cassette and see it. I still remember a bunch of us hiring the VHP cassette from Chitra Video Libraray and seeing it at Anand Varma's house at Rubber Board quarters. Thriller video was really mind blowing one.

During our Degree years came Dangerous album. It was very popular too. I remember Pre Degree students Ansar, Shajan, Vinil etc singing Who is it song . But the best song in that album was Black or White. Even girls started dancing to the beat of that song. It was a very popular song in the campus.

It's really sad to hear that Michael Jackson who was part of our college life is no more. We really miss you. But you live in our hearts.

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dilipkumar said...

Do you remmber that disk lending library near to deepika office.Harmoey.I still remember the covers of those disks.
ABBA, Boney M Gold, Lionel Riche
Cliff Richards,Jim Reeves....
I'm in search of anyone from
my batch.Gopalakrishnan, Haresh, Harikumar.V, Premol, Mini Kurian, Babu Thomas,hope this blog may help me..

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